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April 2021

VT Final Accounts, VT MTD for Excel, VT Filer, VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book and VT Fact Viewer

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System requirements

VT Final Accounts user guide

VT Transaction+ user guide

Changes and faults fixed

Installation errors

Before installing VT Accounts, please ensure that the 32-bit desktop version of Microsoft Office is installed on your PC. VT Accounts will not run in 64-bit versions of Office. If you have 64-bit Office in your PC, please reinstall the 32-bit version. See system requirements for details.

Please note the audit reports in this version are for accounting periods commencing on or after 15 December 2019.

Click here to download the set up program for VT Accounts.

Choose Run or Open when prompted.

Please close all programs except your web browser before downloading.

If this is a new installation, the VT add-ins should be enabled in the Excel Add-ins dialog.

To get started with VT Final Accounts, double click on the VT Final Accounts Help Topics icon on your desktop and see the first topic (or see the first topic in the user guide).

VT Final Accounts, VT MTD for Excel, VT Filer and VT Transaction+ can be used for 60 days from first use before you have to enter a license key. VT Fact Viewer and VT Cash Book can be used free of charge, except that after 60 days the MTD features in VT Cash Book (including creating a VAT return) require a VT Transaction+ license key.

The un-licensed versions of the software are fully functioning except that any iXBRL files generated do not contain certain technical features required by HMRC and Companies House. However, they can be re-generated as soon as you have entered a license key.
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