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VT MTD For Excel

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VT MTD For Excel enables VAT returns in any format in any Excel spreadsheet to be submitted to HMRC. The VAT return can be created in two ways:

1.VAT return created manually in an Excel spreadsheet, see Using MTD for Excel: VAT return in any format

2.VAT return digitally imported into an Excel spreadsheet from VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book files, see Using MTD for Excel: Importing from VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book

VAT returns in VT are normally submitted directly from VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book. However, VT MTD For Excel can also be useful if you have manual adjustments to make (although these can also be made by journal entry) or are combining VAT returns from several VT Transaction+ files for a group VAT registration.

VT MTD For Excel is included in both the VT Transaction+ and VT Accounts downloads, but it still needs to be enabled in Excel. You need the 32-bit version of Excel to use VT MTD for Excel. For more details please see system requirements.

Enabling VT MTD for Excel

1.In the Excel menu choose File>Options>Manage Excel Add-Ins>Go

2.This displays the Add-Ins dialog. In the Add-Ins dialog, tick VT MTD For Excel and click OK

3.Close and restart Excel

4.A VT MTD drop down menu will then appear on the Add-Ins tab on the Excel ribbon.

Setting up MTD

The process for setting up MTD is common to VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book and VT MTD for Excel and it outlined in the following sections:

Setting up MTD: businesses

Setting up MTD: agents

If you grant authority using your agent services account, the authorisation code is stored within your PC.

However, if you are submitting returns for your own business(es), the authorisation code for each business is stored within the Excel workbook containing the VAT return for that business. Therefore, you should follow the following tips if you don't want to grant authority more often than is necessary when using VT MTD For Excel:

Use the same workbook for all the VAT returns for the same business, or save the current workbook under a new name just before you start a new return

Use a different workbook for each different business

Save workbooks whenever you are prompted to do so even if you appear to have made no changes. Behind the scenes the authorisation code is frequently renewed with HMRC and old codes are not valid

The tips above do not apply if you are using authority granted by an agents services account.

Using MTD for Excel

Please see:

Using MTD for Excel: VAT return in any format

Using MTD for Excel: Importing from VT Transaction+ or VT Cash Book