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VT Transaction+

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Using VT Transaction+ with a network drive or cloud drive

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The VT Transaction+ program itself cannot be installed on a network server and is not available on the cloud. However, VT Transaction+ can be used across on multiple PCs using the workaround shown below.

The file containing the data for each company (ending in .vtr) is separate to the application itself and can be saved in any folder to which all the users have access, including a shared folder on a network, or on a cloud storage drive such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. This enables users on different PCs in different locations to access the file in VT Transaction+ installed locally on their PCs. However, only one user can access a particular .vtr file at a time.

To use VT Transaction+ with a network drive or cloud storage drive

1.VT Transaction+ should be installed locally on each PC that you wish to use the program, to the folder suggested on the local drive (usually C:\Program Files(x86)\VT Transaction).

2.When you create a company, the data file (.vtr file) is saved by default to your Documents folder* on your PC.

3.Press the Windows key:


and the E key on your keyboard at the same time.

This opens File Explorer, which displays the folders and files on your PC.

4.Move the file from the Documents folder to a shared folder on a network drive or cloud storage drive by dragging the file with your mouse.

(For more information on sharing a file using a cloud storage drive, see Access a VT file on different PCs using a cloud storage drive.)

5.Each user who has access to the shared folder on their PC can open the file in their local installation of VT Transaction+.

*By default, when you select New Company or Open Company, these dialogs initially point to your Documents folder. You can change this folder to a shared folder by choosing the Default Folders command from the Set Up menu. Alternatively, you may find it easier to open files just by double clicking on them in the shared folder.

Please note that only one user can open a company at a time, and each additional user of VT Transaction+ requires an additional license.

Changes made by any user will automatically be updated in the data file, therefore it is important to make regular backup copies of the file.

Please note that cloud storage drives are storage services and not backup services. Therefore if your files are saved on a cloud storage drive, you should regularly backup the files to a different location.