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VT Transaction+

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Invoice reports

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Running a report of sales invoices

Select Display > Transaction List/Daybook > SIN:

Sales invoice report

You can change the date range of the invoices by clicking on the date caption at the bottom.

You can also choose invoices entered today only by clicking on Today.

By default, the invoices are sorted by date. If you wish to sort by reference number, click on Selected/sorted by date and change this to Selected/sorted by reference number.

Exporting to a spreadsheet

This report, as with any report in VT Transaction+, can be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking on the copy button:


then right-clicking in your spreadsheet and selecting Paste.

in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then opening a spreadsheet, right-clicking and selecting Paste.

Exporting to VT Report

This report, as with any report in VT Transaction+ can be exported to VT's spreadsheet program, VT Report, by selecting Edit > Export to VT Report.

Viewing, printing or emailing invoice documents

On this report, transactions which have an invoice icon shown after the reference number are sales invoices raised using the SIN function. Transactions that have no icon are sales invoice transactions entered using the SIN function:


Clicking on the icon will display the invoice document in a print preview dialog (this action can also be performed from any report that contains sales invoice transactions). The preview dialog contains buttons for emailing (see Emailing an invoice), printing or saving the invoice as a PDF file (see Printing an invoice).

Transaction details

If you click on the transaction reference number in blue, the transaction window appears which has a Double entry tab and a Document tab (this action can also be performed from any report that contains sales invoice transactions). The Double entry tab contains the details of the transaction, and the Document tab contains a print preview of the invoice document. This is an alternative way of showing the print preview of the document as discussed above.