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Products and services

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A list of the products and services that you sell and their prices can be set up or altered in the Set Up > Invoices > Products And Services dialog. When you enter an invoice, you can select one or more items from the products and services list. These then appear on the invoice. When you enter the invoice you can also alter for that invoice the description and price of each product or service selected. If the description is greater than one line long, click on the dots in the right of the Description column. This displays an editor dialog that enables any number of lines and paragraphs to be typed.

If your services are of a variable nature, you could set up an item called General and then alter it when entering each invoice.

There are also options in the New Product/Service dialog to set up Sub-total, Total and Discount or surcharge items. Both the Sub-total and Total items report the sum of all the other items since the previous total if any. If you select a Discount or surcharge item when entering an invoice, the discount/surcharge rate is applied to the preceding item. The preceding item may be a product/service, a sub-total or a total.

The accounting transaction that underlies an invoice contains an analysis entry for each product/service (other than sub-totals and totals) selected in the invoice entry dialog.