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Printing an invoice

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There are buttons to print, preview or email a PDF of an invoice in the invoice entry dialog. If you are using letter headed stationery in your printer, you should tick the Use headed notepaper box beneath the print buttons. This suppresses the printing of the company name, address, telephone number and logo. This option is remembered until you change it again and the last setting is also used when printing a saved invoice.

Note: Before printing an invoice, make sure you have raised the invoice using the SIN function (not the SIN function):


as described in Raising a sales invoice.

To print an invoice before saving it

To print an invoice whilst in the SIN entry dialog, select the Print button:


This will print the invoice to the default printer on your PC.

To change the printer, click on the Printers... button in the SIN entry dialog:


You can also print to a PDF file by clicking on the Printers... button, then selecting a PDF printer from the list of printers; Microsoft PDF Printer should be listed. If there is no PDF printer listed, you can download one free of charge such as CutePDF Writer.

To print an invoice after saving it

To recall an invoice, select Display > Transaction list/daybook > SIN to display a list of sales invoices and click on the icon next to the invoice reference that looks like a piece of paper:


This displays a Print Preview screen where you can select Print:


This will print the invoice to the default printer on your PC.

To change the printer, click on the Print... button in the Print Preview screen dialog:


You can also print to a PDF file using by clicking on the Print... button, then selecting the PDF... button:


Batch printing invoices

To print a batch of invoices:

1.Select Display > Transaction List/Daybook > SIN

2.At the bottom of the screen, specify the date range of the invoices you wish to print:


Alternatively, you can click on Selected/sorted by date to change it to Selected/sorted by reference number. You can also choose invoices entered today only by selecting Today.

3.Select Print All Documents

4.De-select any invoices you do not wish to print, then select Print:

Print blue

5.Alternatively you can also print the batch of invoices to a PDF file by selecting the PDF... button:

This will print the batch of invoices to a single PDF file. If you want to split this file into individual files for each invoice, this would need to be done using a third-party PDF editing program. There are various programs available to do this. A free open source PDF editor that can split PDF files is PDFSam Basic.

To email an invoice

Please refer to Emailing an invoice.