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An invoice is a document that specifies the goods or services sold to a customer and the amounts due in respect of them. If you are registered for VAT, you must issue an invoice that also shows the VAT to any VAT registered customer who requests it. It is normal to issue invoices to all customers if you operate a non-cash business so that the amount due and the due date are clear to both parties.

A credit note is issued when an invoice is partly or wholly refunded.

VT Transaction+ can be used to produce invoices and credit notes, or used just to enter the amounts of invoices and credit notes produced by some other method. Invoices can be printed, emailed or saved as PDF files. Items on invoices can contain text any number of paragraphs and lines long.

VT Transaction+ does not require pre-printed stationery, although your own headed letter stationery can be used.

Click on the SIN button on the main toolbar to raise a sales invoice. To enter the amounts of an invoice produced using another method, click on the SIN button. Click on the SCR or SCR buttons for credit notes. To quickly raise a credit note that is the exact opposite of an invoice, click on the invoice in any report with the right mouse button and choose Raise Credit Note from the pop-up menu.

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