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International issues

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Denominating an invoice in a foreign currency

To denominate an invoice in a foreign currency:

1.Ensure that the currency is set up in the Set Up > Currencies, Departments And Lists > Currencies dialog, and that the Customers ledger is analysed by currency

2.Set up any products or services and their price in the currency by clicking on the New button in the Set Up > Invoice > Products And Services dialog. When currencies are set up, there is an option in the New Product/Service dialog to specify the currency

The currency that an invoice is denominated in is determined by the first product/service selected in the invoice entry dialog. An invoice cannot contain a mix of currencies.

There is more information on multi-currency accounting in the Multi-currency accounting chapter.

Creating an invoice in a foreign language

Creating an invoice in a foreign language is a matter of ensuring that all the relevant data listed in the Data used by an invoice topic is in the foreign language. In particular, you will need to click on the Edit button in the Document and Page Setup tab in the Invoice Template Properties dialog (double click on the template you use in the Set Up > Invoices > Templates dialog).