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Departmental costing

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Departmental costing is the analysis of income or expenses by departments or cost centres. An unlimited number of departments can be set up. To set up departments, choose the Set Up>Currencies, Departments And Lists>Departments command.

There is an option in the Departments dialog to specify the ledgers that are analysed by department.

You are forced to select a department when an entry is made to an account in a ledger which is analysed by departments.

Departments do not have to be called departments. They can be called cost centres, divisions, shops or whatever you like. To change the word departments to some other word, choose the Set Up>Currencies, Departments And Lists>Lists command and double click on the Departments item.

Displaying departmental entries

When you first display an account which contains departmental entries, all entries are displayed. To display entries for a particular department, click on a department in the list that appears beneath the list of accounts.

To display the entire profit and loss account for an individual department, choose the Display>Profit And Loss Account command and then click on a department on the tabs at the bottom of the window


The tabs at the bottom of the profit and loss account window

You can also display balances by department (with a column for each department) by choosing the Display>Account Balances By List command.