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Custom ledgers

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A ledger is a set of similar accounts. It is very easy to set up new ledgers in VT Transaction+. A new ledger can have the features of any of the built-in ledgers.

If your company has a large number of salespeople and you want to control their advances and expense claims, you could set up an Employees ledger. If you pay commissions to agents, you could set up an Agents ledger. If you have a large number of customer or supplier accounts which have become dormant, you could move them to a Dormant accounts ledger.

To set up a new ledger, choose the Set Up>Ledgers command. To move accounts between ledgers, choose the Set Up>Accounts>All command and click on the Move button.

You can enter sales and purchase invoices to accounts in custom ledgers by clicking on the Switch ledger caption in the transaction entry dialog, or you can create a custom transaction for use with the ledger.