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Credit terms

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There is an option in the invoice entry dialog to select the credit terms, if any, to be shown at the bottom of the invoice. Different sets of credit terms can be set up in the Set Up > Invoices > Credit Terms dialog.

The properties dialog for a set of credit terms enables you to separately specify:

The number of days after the invoice date (or the month containing the invoice) that payment becomes due. This is used to determine the due date of a particular invoice

The text appearing on the invoice describing the terms. You can add to or replace the suggested text. For instance, you could add your bank account details to the text. Codes can be inserted for text that can only be determined when an actual invoice is produced (such as for the due date of the invoice)

The credit terms for a ledger such as the customers ledger can be set by double clicking on the ledger in the Set Up > Ledgers dialog.

If necessary, different credit terms can be set for a particular customer by double clicking on the customer in the Set Up > Accounts > Customers dialog.

The credit terms for the customer are used to pre-select the terms in the invoice entry dialog.