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VT Transaction+

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Creating customers and suppliers

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Customer and supplier accounts operate in the same way as any other account and can be created by the method described in Accounts and ledgers or directly by selecting Set Up > Accounts > Customers/Suppliers > New.

In VT Transaction+, supplier accounts are created in the Suppliers ledger and customer accounts in the Customers ledger.

There is additional data that needs to be entered for customer and supplier accounts, in the following tabs:




Credit Terms


Bank details


The data required in each tab is fairly self-explanatory, however there are a few points to note:

The Contact tab contains an E-mail address field; entering an email address here for a customer account allows you to send a sales invoice by email in the invoice entry screen - see Printing an invoice.

Credit Terms - can be set at ledger, customer/supplier or invoice level. You can also set a credit limit per customer/supplier here. For more details on credit terms please refer to Credit terms.

The VAT tab allows you to select the VAT status for each customer/supplier, if required, or it can be left as the default status of Normal. For businesses in Northern Ireland or the EU only, you can also enter the VAT number of any VAT registered EU customers you sell goods to, in order to populate your EC Sales List.