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Correcting an invoice

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An invoice can be altered after it has been saved by clicking on it in any report with the right mouse button and choosing Edit Transaction from the pop-up menu. The editing dialog is similar to the original invoice entry dialog.

The analysis account for an item on an invoice is based on the analysis account specified for the product or service in the Set Up > Invoices > Products and Services dialog. You cannot directly change the analysis account in the Edit Transaction dialog for an invoice document. Instead, click on the analysis entry in any report that lists entries and choose the Move Entry To Another Account command from the pop-up menu.

Note: Invoices that have been included in a VAT return, or reconciled to a bank statement cannot be altered in the way described above. Instead, right-click on the invoice transaction, and select Raise Credit Note. This will raise a credit note, which is the reverse of the original invoice. You can then raise the invoice again in the normal way, but with the correct details.