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Account codes

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Accounts are normally selected and referred to in VT Transaction+ by their name. However, it is possible to also set up and display a code for each account. Account codes can be of any length and can consist of both letters and numbers. Account codes must be unique across all ledgers. Account codes do not need to be set up for all accounts. Accounts can be selected by code and applicable reports can be sorted by ledger and then by account code.

It can be quite a lot of work setting up codes for each account and it does make VT Transaction+ a little less simple to use. On the other hand, data entry can be a little quicker (provided you can remember the codes) and the codes can be chosen to sort accounts in reports in a more meaningful order.

To turn on the account code features:

Choose the Set Up>Company Properties command

Click on the Accounts codes tab

Tick the Account codes box and click OK

To set up codes for each account:

Choose the Set Up>Accounts>All command

Double click on each account that you want to set up a code for and enter the code (you do not have to set up a code for every account). You should aim to give each account a code with the same number of characters or else the sort order may be unexpected

If you subsequently turn accounts codes off, the codes you have set up are retained but cannot be seen unless you turn account codes back on.

When turned on, a code column is displayed in most lists of accounts. In these lists the sort order can be changed between name order and code order by clicking on the respective column header.

There is a tick box in each transaction entry dialog to select analysis accounts by code. When this is ticked, the analysis account list contains all the accounts in the company sorted by code. There is no need to separately select a ledger and an account can also be selected by typing the first few characters of its code.

Most of the reports on the Display menu have an Options button at the bottom of the window that displays an Options dialog. In the Options dialog there is a tick box to sort the report by account code if applicable. In reports that display accounts from more than one ledger, accounts are still sorted by ledger but within the ledger they can be sorted by code.