System requirements

Platforms not supported

Incompatible versions of Microsoft Office

The VT add-ins (VT Final Accounts and VT MTD for Excel) will not run in the following versions of Office:

  • 64-bit version Microsoft Store / Windows App versions

  • Web and mobile app versions

Your Office/365 license should allow you to reinstall the 32-bit desktop version, which is compatible with the VT add-ins.

Apple Mac

None of VT's applications run directly on the Apple Mac operating system. They are for Windows only. In order to maintain a cost effective product, VT has not developed versions for the Mac. However, certain applications allow Windows to be run on a Mac. Parallels is a paid third-party application which performs this function. 

Some users run VT applications indirectly on a Mac in this way, however VT cannot guarantee this will work and cannot provide support on this set up.

Web browser ("The cloud")

VT Software does not produce online accounting software (cloud accounting software).

The VT packages are all for the Windows desktop. VT has no plans to develop applications that run in a web browser.

However, you can choose to store the data for all VT's applications in the cloud using Dropbox or similar - see Sharing a data file using a cloud based storage service..

Server installations

VT does not recommend installing the software on a server, and cannot provide support for any issues that arise due to server installations.