Remote support

VT may sometimes wish to take remote control of your PC via the internet to resolve a support query using either:

To install TeamViewer

1. Click here to download TeamViewer Quick Support

2. A pop-up called TeamViewerQS.exe appears in the corner of your screen. Click on this, or choose Run or Open if prompted:

3. Click Yes on the following message:

4. Tick the box I accept the EULA and the DPA, and click on Continue:

5. TeamViewer should then launch. Give the ID and password shown under Your ID and Password when asked by the VT Support Team member. 

To launch Quick Assist

1. Right-click on the Windows icon (in the bottom left corner of the screen) and select Search:

2. In the search bar that comes up, type Quick Assist

3. Quick Assist App should appear in the search results. Click on this to launch the application: 

4. The VT Support Team member will give you a security code over the phone, enter this in the box under Security code from assistant and click on Submit:

5. When prompted, click on Share Screen, then Allow