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Making Tax Digital for VAT is the system used to submit VAT returns electronically to HMRC. Full details about MTD are contained in HMRC's VAT notice 700/22.

VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book
The MTD features are included in both VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book. VT Cash Book is a free product except that after 60 days a license for VT Transaction+ is required to use the MTD features (including creating a VAT return).

The MTD features have been designed to be self explanatory. However, instructions are also included in the MTD chapter in the VT Transaction+ user guide.

VT MTD for Excel
VT MTD for Excel is an Excel add-in that enables VAT returns in any format in any Excel workbook to be submitted to HMRC. VT MTD for Excel can be used as a bridging product to submit VAT returns from any third party accounting package (provided VAT returns can be imported into Excel from the package).

VT MTD for Excel can also be used to digitally import VAT returns from VT Transaction+ and VT Cash Book. This may be necessary if adjustments need to be made to a return (although these can also be made by journal entry) or if VAT returns need to be combined for a group registration.

VT MTD for Excel is included in both the VT Transaction+ and VT Accounts downloads. After installing, it must be enabled in the Excel Add-ins dialog. This adds a VT MTD drop down menu to the Add-ins tab on the ribbon at the top of Excel.

VT MTD for Excel is extremely simple to use. The cells containing the VAT return totals can be specified by choosing the Specify VAT Return Cells command from the VT MTD menu and then by clicking on each cell.

Instructions for using VT MTD for Excel are included in the VT Transaction+ user guide.

The MTD features in VT Transaction+, VT Cash Book and VT MTD for Excel can be used by individual businesses or by agents using an HMRC agent services account.

A full VT Accounts license is required for submitting VAT returns with an Agent Services Account.

60 day free trial
All of VT's products have a 60 day free trial period, including VT MTD for Excel. Using the MTD enabled version of VT Transaction+ starts a new 60 day free period, even if  you have had a pre-MTD trial before.

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