Self tagging

The Generate iXBRL File feature can be used with any Excel workbook, but you will need to manually tag up the workbook beforehand (VT workbooks are pre-tagged).

There are two buttons for available for this:

  • Set Tag (Easy) - this dialog shows the outline of a simple set of accounts or tax computation - just double click on the required item to insert a tag

  • Set Tag (Comprehensive) - this dialog lists all the tags available in the entire taxonomy and is suitable for tagging more unusual disclosures

Using the Set Tag (Easy) dialog, it is possible to tag up a simple set of accounts very quickly (more quickly than typing the data into another template, accounts production package or HMRC's on-line filing application).

The following taxonomies (list of tags) are supported for custom workbooks:

  • FRS 101

  • FRS 102 (including FRS 105)

  • Full IFRS

  • Old UK GAAP

  • UK Corporation Tax

Example of a tagged cell