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Items not apparently tagged when iXBRL file displayed in VT Fact Viewer

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There are a number of valid reasons why data is not tagged:

Tags that are marked Not in the minimum tagging list are only included in the iXBRL file when the full taxonomy is selected in the Taxonomy dialog. The Taxonomy dialog can be accessed by clicking the appropriate Taxonomy button in the Generate iXBRL File dialog, or by choosing the VT XBRL>Taxonomy command. The default is for the minimum tagging taxonomy to be selected.

Data is not tagged if a suitable tag does not exist for it. This applies to a few items in the templates.

Most notes are fully tagged, but a few are not currently tagged because they are not in the minimum tagging list (i.e. political and charitable donations).

The tags for the names of the persons signing the directors' report and balance sheet are so called empty tags. They effectively point to the names of the directors appearing elsewhere in the accounts and do not contain the names themselves. Empty tags are included in a hidden part of the iXBRL file. Hence the names of the persons signing are not shown with a yellow background on the Document tab in VT Fact Viewer. On the Facts tab, they appear in the hidden section at the end.