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VT Filer is a small standalone application that electronically files iXBRL accounts files generated by any accounts production package with Companies House.

If you use VT Final Accounts, simply choose the Generate New Submission command from the VT XBRL>Companies House menu in Excel. This generates a set of accounts and opens them up in VT Filer. You then just have to press the Submit button.

If you already have an iXBRL accounts file, click on it with the right mouse button in a folder and choose File With Companies House from the pop-up menu. When you click the Submit button, your are prompted to save a copy of the accounts and details of the response from Companies House in a submission file. A file name is automatically suggested based on the name of the accounts file. This file acts as a permanent record of the submission and can be opened at any subsequent time. There is a separate submission file for each set of accounts that you file.


Main application widow

A submission file can be stored on any drive that your computer or network has access to, and can be copied or deleted like any other file.

VT Filer has to go through a multi-stage process to electronically file accounts with Companies House:

1.The accounts are sent to Companies House and an immediate response is returned by Companies House indicating whether there are iXBRL/other errors or not. However, at this stage the accounts are neither accepted nor rejected

2.If there are no errors, VT Filer sends requests to Companies House every 15 seconds to see if the accounts have been subsequently accepted, rejected or still pending

You can freely close or re-open the submission file at any time. The requests are only sent to Companies House when the submission file is open. It does not matter if you open the submission file from another PC or if requests are sent from multiple copies of the same submission file.

Companies House will send you a reminder email if you never re-open the submission file for a set of accounts that is submitted but neither accepted or rejected.