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Average number of employees tag requirement

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From 13 October 2020, Companies House will require 'Average number of employees' to be a mandatory item tagged in iXBRL accounts.

The latest templates in VT Final Accounts (April 2020 and June 2020) automatically include 'Average number of employees' as a mandatory tag.

If you are using a template for a Micro-entity company older than April 2020, you will need to manually tag the average employee numbers. Please refer to the guidance below on tagging older workbooks.

Furthermore, the average number of employees needs to be tagged even if the number is zero. Please refer to What if my company has no employees? below for more details.

Tagging older workbooks

If you are using an accounts workbook created from a Micro-entity template prior to April 2020, you may encounter the following error message when trying to generate an iXBRL file.

noemployees error2

To resolve this, you just need to manually tag the Average employee numbers outlined in the steps below.

1.Enter the average employee numbers in the Data worksheet in your accounts workbook (see note below).

2.Then select the BS worksheet. This is tab in your Excel workbook which contains the Balance Sheet. The numbers you entered in step 1. will feed through to here.

3.On the BS worksheet, select the cell containing the average employee number for the current year and select VT XBRL>Set Tag Easy from the Add-Ins menu in Excel.

4.The Set Tag Easy screen then opens. Select the tab BS Micro and highlight the cell corresponding to the current year's Average number of employees so it turns blue as shown below, and then select OK (Note the Set Tag Easy Screen should not be confused with the workbook itself even though it looks similar).


5.Repeat the process above for the comparative year's average employees number.

6.To confirm that the item is tagged, it will show Tag: core:AverageNumberEmployeesDuringPeriod… in the bottom left corner of the Excel sheet when you select the cell with the employee number.



Workbooks created from Micro-entity templates before March 2018 do not have the ability to directly enter no. of employees.  

While it is possible to add this manually on the Balance Sheet in an old Micro-entity workbook by inserting a row using the standard Insert function in Excel, we do not recommend using old templates as they will not have certain changes and fixes that have been added to subsequent versions.

It is better to create a new workbook; you can then copy the accounts data from the old workbook using the VT Final Accounts>File>Edit>Copy/Paste accounts data commands.

What if my company has no employees?

VT have been advised by Companies House that the average number of employees must be disclosed even when zero.

In the latest Company and LLP templates, the AutoHide function for blank and zero cells has been removed from the Average number of employees note to enable this disclosure.

In workbooks created from Company and LLP templates older than April 2020, you may need to manually remove the Autohide function from the employees note as follows:

1.Choose VT Final Accounts>AutoHide>Auto Hide Off (if you have not already done so)

2.In the Notes worksheet, locate the employees note; it is usually the 3rd note.

3.Highlight/select the area containing the note with the mouse and choose VT Final Accounts>AutoHide>Remove All Areas From Region

4.Click on Yes when prompted

5.Choose VT Final Accounts>AutoHide>Auto Hide On