VT Accounts, the inexpensive and easy to use accounts production system

Thank you for buying VT Accounts. We are sure you have made a wise choice and we hope you will be using our software for many years to come.

Getting started

The set up program adds the following shortcuts (icons) to your desktop:

VT Final Accounts Help Topics

Double click to display the help topics. The first topic tells you how to create a new set of accounts

VT Transaction+

Double click to start the software and then click on Create a new company/business file. To access the help topics, choose the Help Topics command from the Help menu

Please look at the help topics (or the similar on-line user guides) before seeking support.

Support enquiries should normally be submitted by email to support@vtsoftware.co.uk quoting your name and your VT customer number or postcode so that we can find your database record.

Please note, we will only support one person per license.

Support charges

Up to 5 support enquiries per license per annum can be made at no additional charge. Thereafter the cost per enquiry is 10+VAT. Support will only be provided to current subscribers. Most users find they need no support and 99% make 5 enquiries or fewer.

Additional licenses

A single copy of VT Accounts can be used for an unlimited number of clients/companies, but you must buy a license for each PC on which it is installed (unless there is only one person using it). You can buy additional licenses at any time at the reduced rate of 99+VAT. If the license is for another site, the full price applies.

VT Transaction+

Additional copies of VT Transaction+ for use by clients can be purchased for 125 + VAT. If you buy two copies at the same time, we give you a free extra copy.