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User interface changes compared with the old VT Transaction

VTT+ is based on the same principles as the old VT Transaction. However, superficially VTT+ may appear to be different because all the dialogs and report windows have been re-written.

Home Page
The Home Page window is displayed by default whenever a company is opened. This window serves three purposes:

If you do not want to display the Home Page window (perhaps you think it clutters things up), simply turn it off by un-ticking the check box at the bottom of the window.

Drill down
In VTT+, you can click with the left mouse button on any text that is shown in blue to display more detail (a bit like a web page).

In VTT+, wherever you see an entry or a transaction in any window/report you can click on it with the right mouse button to display a pop-up menu with the following options:

Pop-up menu showing the edit commands

The Edit Transaction dialog

The Query menu has been renamed the Display menu.

All reports in VTT+ are on-screen reports and so the commands on the Print Other Reports sub-menu of the File menu in the old VT Transaction have been moved to the Display menu.

A few new buttons have been added. You can see what these do by hovering the mouse over them. The various Display Account buttons have been grouped with the relevant transaction entry buttons. For instance, the Display Bank Account button now appears after the cash entry buttons.

There are now two buttons for sales invoices (SIN and SIN). The underlined one is for creating/printing sales invoices and the other is for entering sales invoices that have been externally produced.

You can now have an unlimited number of custom transaction types, and so the CTA and CTB buttons have been replaced by a single CTX button with a drop down list.

Chart of accounts
The sales and purchase ledgers have been renamed Customers and Suppliers. Non-accountant users found the old names confusing.