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Printing the accounts to a pdf file

To print the accounts to a pdf (portable document format) file you need to have a virtual pdf printer installed on your PC. A pdf printer appears in your list of printers but instead of printing to paper it generates a pdf file.

Installing a pdf printer
If you do not have a pdf printer already installed on your PC, you can download one free of charge or at low cost over the internet. You could try:

CutePDF Writer
Cute is free


Fine Print pdfFactory
PdfFactory is better because you can send an email without having to save the file to disk first but it costs approximately US$50 (unless you want 'evaluation version' printed at the bottom of each page)

Making a pdf file
There are two methods for turning a set of accounts into a pdf file once you have a pdf printer installed.

Method 1:

Method 2:

Reading pdf files
To display a pdf file you need to have a copy of Adobe Reader installed. This can be downloaded free of charge from http://get.adobe.com/reader/

PDF is a format commonly used on the Internet and so many people will already have Adobe Reader installed.