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Location of VT Final Accounts add-in files

The VTT add-in files vtprep.xla, vtexport.xla and vtlib.xla are installed to the Library sub-folder of wherever Excel is installed. Each version of Excel has its own default install location and hence the VT add-ins may be found in the following locations:

Excel 2002 C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office10\Library
Excel 2003 C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office11\Library
Excel 2007 C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office12\Library
Excel 2010 (32 bit) on 32 bit PC's C:\Program files\Microsoft office\Office14\Library
Excel 2010 (32 bit) on 64 bit PC's C:\Program files(x86)\Microsoft office\Office14\Library
Excel 2013 (32 bit) C:\Program files\Microsoft Office15\Root\Office15\Library