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#NAME appears in cells containing the SWITCH or TB custom functions/
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This topic refers to an installation problem with the VT Function Library add-in (Vtlib.xla). The VT Function Library supplies the SWITCH function, the TB function and functions used by VT's tax computation. The SWITCH function switches text between say Profit or Loss. The TB function returns amounts from the hidden trial balance obtained from VT Transaction+.

If the VT Function Library is not operating correctly, #NAME appears in the cells where the functions are used. #NAME can appear elsewhere in a workbook but this topic only covers problems with the VT Function Library.

When the VT Function Library is operating correctly the formula in a cell using one of its functions looks like this:

=SWITCH("Profit", "Loss", G19, I19)

When something is wrong it looks like this:

='C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14\LIBRARY\VTLIB.XLA'!SWITCH("Profit", "Loss", G19, I19)

The most common problem is that the VT Function Library is not ticked in the Add-Ins dialog in Excel. In this case, follow the Quick fix instructions below.

Installation issues
If the same version of Excel has been installed in one location, de-installed and then installed in a new location, you may need to completely de-install VT Final Accounts and then re-install it from scratch (see below). This is particularly common if you have installed the 64 bit version of Excel 2010 and installed VT Accounts (which does not work in 64 bit Excel), and then installed 32 bit Excel 2010. See also Location of VT Add-in files.

Since the July 2011 version of VT Final Accounts, the locations of the active VT add-ins are shown at the bottom of the VT Final Accounts>Help>About VT Final Accounts dialog. If a folder is shown in red, you will need to de-install and then re-install VT Final Accounts (see below).

Quick fix

Step by step instructions for de-installing and then re-installing VT Final Accounts

  1. In Excel, choose the VT Final Accounts>Tools>Remove VT Final Accounts From Excel and the VT Data Export>Remove VT Data Export From Excel commands

  2. Close Excel

  3. Delete the VT add-in files Vtprep.xla, vtexport.xla and vtlib.xla from the folder(s) that VT has been installed to (see potential list). You can delete a file by dragging it to the recycle bin or by right mouse clicking on it and choosing Delete from the pop-up menu. If you are not sure where the add-ins are, you will need to search your hard disk. More...

  4. Restart Excel. You will get messages about files not being found which you can ignore

  5. In the Add-Ins dialog in Excel, click on each of the VT add-ins. You will be asked to delete them. Choose Yes to each and then click OK to close the Add-Ins dialog

  6. Close Excel

  7. Download and run the VT Final Accounts set up program

  8. Restart Excel

  9. In the Add-Ins dialog in Excel, tick the VT add-ins and then click OK