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Excel hangs when getting balances from VT Transaction

A small number of users experience difficulties importing balances from VT Transaction. After clicking on the Get Balances From VT Transaction button, the status bar at the bottom left of Excel shows the text Opening DDE channel to VT Transaction and Excel appears to hang. Usually the get balances procedure has been working without a problem for some time and then this fault suddenly occurs for no apparent reason.

The problem is independent of the version of VT Final Accounts you are using.

Restarting your PC may resolve the problem. If it does not then:

November 2006
This problem used to be exceptionally rare and was always cured by the above suggestions. However, in November 2006 there was a sudden increase in the number of users reporting this problem (to a couple a week out of 3,000 current subscribers). Moreover, the above fixes do not work!

VT Final Accounts obtains balances from VT Transaction using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), a very old Windows technology dating back to Windows 3.1. Our suspicion is that something like a spyware removal program is damaging the relevant part of Windows. One user has recently fixed this problem by removing a free virus/spyware program that he downloaded from the Google downloads page (he is not sure exactly which one it was though). Another closed down Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall and fixed the problem. Another user has been able to continue working by using another PC.

However, the best  and most reliable solution is to start using VT Transaction+ (see below).

VT Transaction+
VT Final Accounts can read VT Transaction+ files directly without using DDE and hence does not suffer from this fault.

Workbooks created in the March 2009 edition by default read VT Transaction+ files directly. For workbooks created in earlier editions you need to do the following: