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Large file size of iXBRL workbooks
Files open and save slowly
Saving an iXBRL workbook causes Excel 2007 to hang

The iXBRL tagging information has considerably increased the file size of the company accounts workbooks. The size is even larger when saved in Excel 2007 or later in .xlsx format. If you are using Excel 2007 or later, VT recommend that you choose the Save As Excel 1997-2003 option when you first save a new workbook. The file size is significantly smaller and the file saves much more quickly.

A few users have reported that Excel 2007 hangs when they save a tagged company accounts workbook. One user reported that this was caused by his virus checker blocking .xlsx files. The workaround is to save the file as an Excel 1997-2003 file as suggested above.

Some users have had problems with the speed of opening and saving files on a network drive caused by the add-in Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In. More...