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Is VT Final Accounts compatible with Excel 2007?

The May 2007 edition or later is compatible with Excel 2007. Earlier versions are not.

Large fonts in text boxes
There is a bug in Excel 2007 that sometimes causes the text in text boxes to be displayed in very large fonts. This frequently happens after clicking the Preview Accounts button. If you close the workbook (saving if necessary) and re-open it the text will be displayed correctly again.

To get round this problem, the accounts templates in the July 2008 edition have been re-written without the use of text boxes. This is feasible because VT Final Accounts no longer supports Excel 95, and the merge across cells feature can be used in later versions instead of text boxes. The change only applies to workbooks created in the July 2008 edition or later, and not to pre-existing workbooks which will still suffer the same fault.

Re-arranged menu commands
The old menu and toolbar structure in Excel 2007 has been entirely replaced with tabs. In this new arrangement, the commands and buttons for add-ins such as VT Final Accounts appear on the Add-Ins tab.

In order to accommodate this new structure, the menu commands in VT Final Accounts have all been grouped together on a new menu instead of being interspersed within the existing Excel menu commands. They are now much easier to find.

The VT Final Accounts menus and toolbars in Excel 2007: