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iXBRL and the directors' report

A corporation tax return (CT600) will be automatically rejected by HMRC if the attached accounts do not contain the following tags in respect of the directors' report:

VT Final Accounts will only allow you to generate an iXBRL accounts file using the normal accounts option if a name and a date are marked with these tags. However, this rule does not apply to the abbreviated accounts option.

You will get a submission error from HMRC if you attach abbreviated accounts to a CT600. However, this will not be a nice clear message saying that abbreviated accounts have been attached in error. Instead you will get a message saying the above tags are missing.

Entities with no directors' report
When HMRC wrote their validation software, they appear to have overlooked the fact that some entities (notably the UK branches of overseas companies) do not have directors' reports or even directors. In these circumstances HMRC are in effect saying that the tagging should be fiddled to get the accounts past the gateway. VT recommend that a short statement be added (maybe on a sheet at the end of the accounts) along the following lines:

There is no requirement to include a directors' report with these accounts.

[Name of person signing balance sheet]
[Date of signing balance sheet]

The above two items should be tagged with the Director signing report tag and the Date of signing of directors' report tag using the Directors' report section of the Set Tag (Easy) dialog in VT.