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Changes in the December 2010 edition

License terms
VT Final Accounts is now licensed on an annual basis. The iXBRL features in this issue of the December 2010 edition will stop working on 31 March 2011 (all other commands will continue to work). An update will be released before 31 March that will require a new license key to be entered on the anniversary of your subscription.

There is no change to the licensing of VT Transaction+. VT Transaction+ is supplied as an outright purchase, even when purchased as part of the VT Accounts suite.

VT Cash Book and VT Fact Viewer are supplied free of charge.

Distribution of updates
This and subsequent updates will be supplied by internet download only. There are instructions on the download page for saving the downloaded set up file to a memory stick or CD for installation on PC's without the internet. The time that elapsed in the past while CD's were tested, manufactured and distributed was significant. Updates can now be issued more quickly and frequently.

VT Final Accounts
An iXBRL file of the accounts can be generated by clicking on the new Generate iXBRL File button on the VT toolbar in Excel. This feature applies to accounts in any Excel workbook, but only VT workbooks created in the December 2010 edition are pre-tagged. More info...

iXBRL requires programming features that are not available in Excel 1997 and 2000, and hence these versions are no longer supported by VT Final Accounts. Excel 2002 or later is required. For more details, see System requirements

The optional Chartered Accountants reports in all the templates have been updated with ICAEW technical releases AAF 02/10 and 03/10. The updated reports are only available for workbooks created in the December 2010 edition. However, it is possible to import most data from an earlier workbook into a new one. More info...

VT Fact Viewer
This new program is installed automatically. It enables the tagged data in any iXBRL file to be reviewed. More info...

VT Transaction+
A technical change has been made to the way data is saved which should improve reliability, especially over networks.

A display bug has been fixed which should reduce the incidence of run-time errors.

Future changes to VT Final Accounts
See the development roadmap page.

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