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The new financial reporting standards
The current edition of VT Accounts contains FRS 102/FRS 105 versions of all the company templates. More details...

Making tax digital

The Tax Data menu in VT Transaction+ has been renamed Tax Data/MTD and a new Send To HMRC command added. The command does not do anything yet. VT plans to have the functionality ready by April 2018.

Excel 2016

VT Final Accounts runs in all 32 bit versions of Excel from Excel 2002 to Excel 2016. However, if you have upgraded to Excel 2016 from an earlier version of Excel with VT already installed there may be an issue with the VT toolbar in Excel. More ...

Windows 10

VT is fully compatible with Windows 10. However, when some PC's are upgraded to Windows 10 the date format is changed to an American format. More...

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