VT Accounts December 2010, issue 2 download

This download is no longer up to date. It is still available for those who do no have a current license key because their subscription has lapsed. The iXBRL features in this edition have now expired. Click here for more information on the new downloading and licensing arrangements.

Click here to download the iXBRL enabled December 2010 edition of VT Accounts. Choose Run (or Open in older browsers) when prompted. You will need your customer number and installation key supplied by email to you by VT Software. You are not asked for a customer number and license key if you already have the March 2010 edition installed. In some browsers, such as Google Chrome, you cannot run set up programs directly from a web page. In these cases choose the Save option and then open the saved file.

Please note that VT Final Accounts is now licensed on an annual basis and requires Microsoft Excel 2002 or later. For more information, see Changes in the December 2010 edition. For advice on how to generate and use an iXBRL file, see iXBRL Questions and Answers.

Please close all programs except your web browser before downloading. The download contains all necessary software files. An earlier version does not need to be installed.

To install the software on PC's that do not have an internet connection:

iXBRL questions and answers

Changes in the December 2010 edition

Issues attaching iXBRL accounts files to third party Corporation Tax packages

Welcome sheet for new users

Installation issues

VT Final Accounts user guide

VT Transaction+ user guide

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